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Daily Lotto Result Payout Today and History [Watch Now]

The rule of winning any lottery is to learn first and then implement it with your experience. If you are playing without knowing that how the actually lottery works, then the chance of losing is high. You should know the special behavior of lotteries.

Keep in mind, that each lottery has its unique behaviors with another lottery. Ithuba first launched this unique lottery game in 2019, March. They named it Daily Lotto.

This lottery game is not well known in 2019, but now its popularity has increased time by time. You can find your Daily lotto Result on their official website.

5 Amazing Facts About daily Lotto

  1. There are only even/odd ratios in this game. Even/odd ratio was 5/0 several three times.
  2. In the new era of the game plan of the uptrend, all the numbers which are matched by winning numbers in one draw are equal or higher than those numbers which are draw number a maximum of 21 times.
  3. In a downtrend, all the numbers which are winning numbers in only one draw were equal or lower than those previous numbers which are drawn 19 times.
  4. Now it’s been two drawings because no up and downtrend took place.
  5. The total two numbers which are winning numbers contained by the previous one drawing several maximum of 18 times.

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Best Guide To Pick Right Lotto Number

If you are new to this Lotto game then you don’t need to take guidance from any other person who doesn’t want to share his/her knowledge of the lotto with you.

You can simply take help online that what is the Lotto game and how does it work? There are lots of helping material that helps you better pick winning numbers for you.

  • Strategy Book for better guidance of lotto game

There are tips and tricks which are available online for your help to choose the right number for you. If you play this game smarter then you have a high chance to win this lottery game. There is also a variety of advance and working methods that how to win the lotto game on the first attempt.

  • Great Software For Best Strategy To Win Lotto

Using software gives you better help to draw charts. It helps you to choose the best number of lotto for you to win this game.

Great Strategy To Win Daily Lotto

Every lottery number is drawn randomly. You have to keep in mind that these random numbers are drawn from some pattern that can be tracked and after that, you can use them to your advantage. You just have carefully analyzed all the drawing numbers from the past drawn-in lotto results.

You have examined a maximum of 200 last lotto game results then you will know the pattern amazingly. If you pick the number pattern which occurs only five percent of the time then it is expected to be 95 percent that you lose this time. You don’t need to buck with the probabilities.

How To Win Daily Lotto Results In A Effective Way

  • Number tips of Even/Odd

Whenever you have to pick up the number for your daily lotto game, then you should try to choose the numbers of a relatively even mix of odd and even numbers.

Because all odd or even numbers are drawn very rarely and you have to keep this step in your mind. It is just occurring with the two percent of all the time.

The best strategy to choose the numbers for your winning method is a mixture of 3/2 or 2/3. This pattern has a 64 percent chance of the drawings.

Lotto Tips For High/Low Numbers

In the entire field of lottery, winning choices of numbers are spread all the way. If you take any number and cut it in the half, then you have the low high and the low half. In the FL Daily lotto, there is a total 36 number game, from one to 18 will be in a half low, and the remaining numbers from 19 to 36 will be in a high half.

As you know, all high and low numbers are rarely drawn which occurs only two percent of all the time. The best mixture of numbers is 3/2 or 2/3 which in terms of understanding that three high or too low, or you can choose two high or three low. These two combinations of numbers have a high chance of 69 percent on all the drawings.

Group Strategy For Lottery Numbers

You have to carefully look at the numbers of past winning numbers for the FL daily lotto game. You can easily understand with this example, let’s take a combination of 5-8-14-17-32, no ’20s is included. After tracking and detailed study of number groups help you lot to decide which number group to omit and which to choose to play a heavy game.

Skipped Strategy For Lottery Games

You have to list out the numbers of games out since the previous last hit for the winning numbers. Need to make a list of the previous five games. Then you need to mark the numbers of times each skip occurred.

Repetitive Hits Tips

FL Daily Lotto, almost one number of the lottery will be repeated hit from all the last drawing. You have to choose these numbers wisely to get a high chance of success in-game.

Secrets Of Daily Lotto Hot Number Lottery

Numbers that are lost in the previous games have the chance of winning numbers in the next daily lotto games. From the past six games, the numbers for less account for more about two-thirds of all the winning numbers of the game. These numbers have a chance with 82 percent of winning numbers in the next games. With this probability, you can win your next game with an amazing trick.

Secrets For Cold Number Lottery

Detect the losing streak of the lotto game is very difficult. If you choose the due number and you are playing with that number then there is less chance to win which you are working with for many months. But if a number has been out of the last 7 games, then it should be worth chasing.


Winning of lottery game also depends on your luck. But with some techniques and tricks, you can get a high percentage of your winning in the daily lotto lottery.

You just need to be patient and successfully examine the numbers which are drawn by the previous games. You need to pick up these numbers and make a list of that numbers to choose wisely in the next lotto game.

You can take full help with this article, which is easy to understand and transparent in words, so the reader doesn’t feel hard to understand the pattern of the lotto game.

There are lots of tips which are waiting for your best help and want to make a win for you. You also don’t need to do any further research after reading the techniques which are including in this article.

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