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You will not be a conqueror in the Illinois lottery if you don’t know how it works. Your priority should know about the Illinois lottery and then you can win your million worth lottery.

The chance of losing your lottery will be high if you don’t know a single thing about the Illinois lottery, so you need to keep understanding the methods and read instructions after every update of the system.

Knowing the unique behavior of Illinois will give you a lottery prize in your hand, then what you need more! There are numerous lotteries around the world and each lottery has its different way to win like Illinois lottery pick 4 archives are an easy and understandable system of lotteries for all. In 1974 July, the Illinois lottery began its work as an official department of revenue.

After their first opportunity for lottery tickets which cost only 50 cents, went on sale around 7,000 statewide to retailer locations. After one month of waiting, in 1974 August, Dan Walker which is the Governor of Illinois drew their first winning ticket,  which was held at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the days for Illinois Lotto draw at night time.

Best way to play Illinois Lottery

There is a base game for Illinois lotto, in which participants need to pay the only US $1 and with this, you need to pick any six numbers which you think are lucky for you.

The numbers counting are from 1 to 52, you can easily choose your lucky numbers between them. If you feel hesitant to choose any six numbers then you also have an option of quick pick option, which can randomly choose six numbers for you.

If you are willing to pay another US $1, then you have an extra feature which name is Extra Shot Feature. The role of this feature will increase the value of any randomly generated number which can give you a winning shot/number.

It is an understood rule in all the lottery systems, that your ticket number should match all the numbers with the winning jackpot which means all the six numbers will match accurately.

But the good thing is also there for those ticket holders which have fewer numbers to match with the winning number. There are prizes for those people whose ticket numbers are a fewer match with winning numbers. Visit Illinois Lottery if you want to know further.

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You can easily purchase Illinois Lottery Online tickets

If you want to purchase Illinois lotto tickets, then you need to assure yourself that you are purchasing tickets from the authorized retailers or not? Around all the states of the US, this is several retailers for the Illinois lottery.

But for your ease and comfort options, you can purchase your Illinois lottery ticket online. There is no any scam or any other mishap while buying online tickets, but the main thing is you need to go to the official site of the Illinois Lottery.

Best and attractive prizes in Illinois lottery pick 4 archives

If you are willing to play with an extra shot in the Illinois lottery, then there are eleven different types of Illinois lottery prizes. The player whose ticket number matched all the numbers with the winning numbers will get the highest prize in cash. If your ticket number is matched with the extra shot number 25 then your prize money will be doubled.

The main thing about the Illinois lottery is that it starts it winning money from the US $2 million and it will grow to the maximum of US $250,000. But you need to assure yourself that every time is not the winning time for the Illinois lottery. Also, there is no maximum limit for the Illinois lottery.

Some great and Flexible services by Illinois lottery

  • Most of the content of the Illinois lottery is exclusive and worthy.
  • Throughout all the states and the multi-state of the US, pick 3 and pick 4 are fully totally covered.
  • Illinois lottery is one the best, an interactive and personalized resource on the path of the internet.
  • There is no hurdle to buying your ticket number with the Illinois lottery.
  • Easy, fast, and straightforward procedures to use.
  • You don’t need to add or install any software regarding the Illinois lottery, you just need to work on the Illinois lottery official web page.
  • You will get a fast and instant update if any.

Frequently Asked Questions about Illinois Lottery

1. Is there any taxes on the Illinois lottery?

Answer. Is it subject to federal taxes, there will be a 25% charge if you ever win up to $1000.

2. Is there any special time in the Illinois lottery for sale?

Answer. Yes, there is a time when sales on the Illinois lottery will end at night around 21.15 CST.

3. Does there any minimum guarantee jackpot for the Illinois lottery?

Answer. The minimum value of the prize is a $2 million jackpot.

4. How does it mean Extra Shot in the Illinois lottery?

Answer. It is a great feature that is most attractive for all the players in the Illinois lottery, which is known as Extra shot. If you want to avail of this feature then you need to pay an extra $1 and if your number is matched with an extra shot number on the night of drawing then your prize money will be double increased instantly.

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